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Speno International – A wide Range of Services

A wide range of services

Service and sales:
two separate activities

Speno has the resources and compet­encies both to provide services and to design and manufacture machines according to particular specification. Apart from ensuring machine commissioning and after sales service, we train the teams who will operate them.

Speno International – Service and Sales
Speno International – Design based on experience

Design based
on experience

The machines we sell are our everyday working tools. We apply our experience to the improvement of our machines, in order to continually increase their performance.


A proven know-how

Our field operators are an integral part of our company. Their ongoing training process is key to delivering a high quality output.

Speno International – A proven know-how
Speno, Global Rail Maintenance
Speno International – A “win-win” dialogue

A “win-win” dialogue

A constructive dialogue between the railway networks and Speno is mutually beneficial to all parties.

It enables us to prepare a campaign based on sound practices with costs under full control.


Excellence and nothing less

Our local partners enable us to work as closely as possible with our customers and provide the necessary environment for us to operate effectively.

Speno International – Services: Excellence and nothing less

We offer various
types of service:












Inventing and evolving

We create machines and customize them

The creation of a machine is always motivated by a customer. This means that we adapt our technical solutions so that the machine fully matches the customer’s requirements.

Speno International – We create machines and customize them
Speno International – We document the work carried out

We document the work carried out

This is Speno’s other strength. Recordings enable us to attest the work we have carried out, according to contractual specifications. In addition, all data documenting the progress of work achieved is available in real time.


Maintenance according to Speno


  • We maintain our fleet of over 30 trains in Europe, as well as many other machines overseas, to ensure work progress.
  • We replace worn parts and arrange servicing according to daily, weekly or monthly maintenance schedules.
  • We update spare part stocks for every train in every country.
  • We react promptly in the event of problems.
  • We schedule the overhaul of trains usually on an annual basis.
  • We prepare machines for the technical controls demanded by the local national standards certification bodies.
Speno International – Maintenance according to Speno